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For Chepelare

Chepelare is located in the central part of the Rhodopes and is the only town in Bulgaria situated so high above the sea level. With estimated 270 days of sun per year, Chepelare is the sunniest Bulgarian town. The proximity to the Aegean Sea features a mild and warm winter. Snow cover stays for about 80-120 days in the year with an average depth of 30-80 cm. Spring comes relatively late, whereas summer is quite cool. It is scientifically proven that the climate here is beneficial for respiratory diseases. Many poets praise this part of the Rhodopes as a place of “forever youth”. Chepelare valley has been populated for 300 years. Primary means of livelihood were stock-raising and trades, but most of the local men worked as fishermen and brick-layers in the Aegean region. Robbers often attacked the village but met organized resistance. The territory of the Chepelare Municipality has 61 culture monuments, 17 of which promulgated as culture monuments, and the remaining 44 only declared as such. Out of the declared culture monuments 3 are of national significance, 1 is for reference purposes, while the remaining 40 are of local significance. There are several archaeological monuments in the area: medieval necropolis, which is located west of the town; medieval necropolis, situated 9 km. south of the town along the road to Pamporovo; medieval settlement and necropolis located in the "Chiposkiya Khan", 3 km. south of the city. The mountain town has an architectural monument - this is a house located on street "Marble". Four of the churches in the municipality are artistic monuments of national importance, the most interesting among them is the church "St. Athanasius the Great "(1834), built for only 40 days. In 1841, in the yard of the church was built the oldest monastery school in the municipality of Chepelare. The other fascinating monuments are Church "Uspenie Bogorodichno" and Uzunski house. There are 15 chapels in the region. As a winter resort, Chepelare developed since the beginning of the 30s and 40s in the last century. Today it is one of the leading ski resorts in Bulgaria. Accommodation prices are considerably lower compared to these in the large resorts such as Pamporovo, Bansko and Borovets. Ski passes are about 2/3 cheaper than the price in the great centers. The only Bulgarian champion in Winter Olympics so far -Ekaterina Dafovska was born in Chepelare. The town is also a birthplace of the Olympian Mitko Hadzhiev, the slalomist Borislav Kiriakov and the snowboarder Radoslav Yankov, who became a world champion for youths.


Chepelare has all resources to be a global health center, experts say unanimously. Recently, their opinion was summarized in the first ever roundtable under the motto "Climatotherapy and mineral waters - a prerequisite for Bulgaria to become a center of health in Europe", organized by the Bulgarian Union of Balneology and Spa Tourism and the Ministry of Economy. A strategy called "Chepelare - the green heart of Bulgaria" was presented. Its purpose is to revive Chepelare, Pamporovo and the region as a center for climatotherapy due to negative air ionization.


In the immediate vicinity of Chepelare is situated the ski area Mechi Chal, where is located the longest and one of the best ski slopes in Bulgaria. As a winter resort, Chepelare has developed for 80 years. Today it is one of the leading ski resorts in Bulgaria. The four-seat chairlift has a capacity of 2000 people per hour. It covers the 2700 meter distance from the town of Chepelare to the Mechi Chal peak in just 9 minutes. The town has a good base for other sports - football field - 50 / 30m with artificial surface; basketball, volleyball and table tennis courts; wall climbing; buggy track; indoor pools and trails for hiking.


Chepelare boasts two unique museums and the natural phenomenon "The Wonderful Bridges". The Museum of speleological activities and Bulgarian karst, which is the only one of its kind on the whole Balkan Peninsula, represents cave exhibits from the dawn of human history. The Museum of skiing is opened after winning the Olympic title by the biathlete Ekaterina Dafovska. Natural phenomenon "The Wonderful Bridges" is among the most visited sites in the Rhodopes. Attraction for tourists is also the square "Olympic" with its five Olympic rings.